No te canses ahora, Que esto sólo empieza

Reality check: I leave Madrid in four weeks. I have been in Madrid for twelve weeks. What?

As scary as going abroad is, going home suddenly seems scarier. There are so many things I miss, I wish I could go home for a week–but then come back, because I’m not done with this city yet. My roommate and I found two new delicious take-out places today. How are we supposed to eat enough of them with only four weeks left?!

The upside to my time getting short is that I have plenty of stories, photos, fashion, food, and new stores to share with you all. So to start it all off, here are a few of the most basic things you need to know about BC in Madrid.

1. Puerta del Sol

It’s the geographic heart of not only Madrid, but all of Spain. It’s where you see protests on a weekly basis, not to mention the 60,000 who gathered on October 15. It’s where we go shopping. It’s where we pregame a night out; its where we find a promoter to take us to one of our favorite bars or clubs. It may be full of tourists, but we love Sol.

2. Layers

Look from the October 2011 lookbook of one of our favorite stores, Pull and Bear

Scarves, big cozy sweaters, tights-under-shorts, over sized jackets, above-the-knee socks… The weather’s getting colder, but at the end of November we’ve still got 60 degrees most days. There are obvious patterns to the Madrid student’s uniform– style shots, where we buy them, and where you can buy them in the US to come.

3. Europe

Toledo: There's plenty of travel to be done within Spain as well!

Of course, one of the advantages to studying abroad anywhere in Europe is the opportunity to travel. From Madrid, we even made it to Morocco! The art of the weekend trip is as big a part of the BC in Madrid program as any program in Europe. From booking the flight to finding a hostel, we have plenty of advice to give after three months of navigating Europe on our own.

4. Danza Kuduro

La mano arriba
Cintura sola
Da media vuelta
Danza Kuduro

Theme song of BC in Madrid. Listen to it, love it, dance crazy, repeat. All night. And don’t tell me its old, this song doesn’t get old. More of our favorite songs to come.

¡Hasta pronto! – Annie


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