You Sure do Have a Face for the Radio

One place that seems to be a mecca for fashion (albeit slightly hipster fashion) is the campus radio station. Hidden in the back of McElroy, not many students even know of the station’s existence. But as it seems to often happen, fashion here follows the music. The station, WZBC, is dedicated to music that is not played elsewhere. In fact, if it is popular, the station is not allowed to play it. The Moto is NCP or, No Commercial Potential. While this leads towards some interested new music, it makes filling a three-hour time slot quite difficult.

I have the pleasure of hosting an FM radio show every other Monday from 7-10 am. (I know it’s early, but if you want to hear some awesome music while you’re getting ready for class, tune in). The show is called the Irregular Beat, and my cohost is Catherine Barbaree, another sophomore at Boston College with an affinity for music and fashion.

I creeped around our heavily stickered station to take some of the photos below.

Don’t forget to tune in to WZBC (, Boston College’s Radio station for some awesome new music!



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