Superfan Style

 The Notre Dame Game: For BC students, this phrase is synonymous with cramped RV’s, sketchy rest stops, and reveling in all that is American: football and food! While this is certainly the traditional way to celebrate the number one event on people’s BC Bucket List, my friend Catherine and I decided to express our Superfan side in style.

1. The number one way to make the trip in style: FLY! By the time you compound the costs of renting the RV, the security deposit, and pay for gas, you’ve most likely surpassed the airfare between Beantown and Chi-town. Plus, what better way to prepare for the epic weekend than spend a little time in the Windy City!

2. See the sights in Chicago… because other than the cornfields, South Bend doesn’t have much going for them! Take a walk down Michigan Ave, the “Miracle Mile” of Shopping and snap a pic in front of the iconic Chicago Theatre.

Then make your way down Michigan Ave, to the city’s newest landmark: Cloudgate. Doesn’t sound familiar? That would be because it is affectionately, and almost exclusively known as The Bean.

Any trip to Chicago, would be incomplete with out a selfie in the Bean’s gleaming surface.

3. Breakfast of Champions: Notre Dame weekend doesn’t have to consist of remnants of Planter’s trail mix and instant coffee, plan an early breakfast at one of Chicago’s many restaurants specializing in morning munchies.

We went to Jam, in Chicago’s up-and-coming Logan Square neighborhood. Lula is another one of my favorites: if their Pumpkin stuffed French Toast doesn’t convince you , then their Acropolis-style omelette ought to do the trick. Jam, With it’s modern, sleek aesthetic, one can be assured that their meal will be prepared with culinary precision. Already clad  in our BC gear complete with face tattoos, we were happy to discover a young woman sitting with her husband and beautiful baby, was a BC grad!!! Go eagles.

Once the food made its way to our table, we briefly forgot about cheering on our Eagles and instead focused on the Malted Custard French Toast with macerated cherries, lime-leaf cream and pink peppercorns!

4. Superfan Style: If there is any time (other than the first week of Freshmen Year) that it’s appropriate to wear head- to- toe official Boston College clothing, it’s the Notre Dame Game. Though in order to complete your look, feel free to get creative to curb the cold from South Bend weather and the cold shoulders from those Fighting Irish.While meandering Michigan Ave on Friday night, Catherine and I, made some great finds at Nordstrom Rack, I opted for the Maroon Ugg earmuffs, while Catherine found a grey cashmere headband, which we proudly sported as the Eagles took on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

5. Nailed It! Show your BC pride by painting your nails Maroon or Gold. Chanel Vamp is my favorite color for Gameday or just for a sultry step-up from the basic manicure.For extra impact add an extra coat!
With these 5 steps you are sure to celebrate your BC pride, and be a Superfan in Style! Safe Travels and Happy Almost Thanksgiving,
xoxo Amelia

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