How do you Take your Thanksgiving?

Being a vegetarian makes Thanksgiving an interesting holiday to say the least! But let this post be a testament to all of the delicious side dishes that the holidays bring. When I was little, I survived most Thanksgivings with rolls and mashed potatoes, but thankfully I’ve become more open to trying new food, and the holidays at home are the perfect opportunity to expand my tastes even more. Below are some of my favorite holiday recipes, and some I would love to try as well!

Classic mashed potatoes with garlic and rosemary

Who can survive Thanksgiving without bread rolls?

A nice mix up from the classic way to eat potatoes during the holidays.

Ok, ok...I like potatoes, alright?

While i'll emphatically argue that Missouri isn't in "the south" there is no denying it's influence on some of my favorite foods! Biscuits with butter and honey is the perfect side dish.

I'm not a huge fan of eggnog, but these eggnog cookies look too good to pass up!

My absolute favorite holiday dessert. Hands down, no contest.


Hope you all enjoy some delicious food today! Happy Thanksgiving!


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