Am I Hipster Yet?

Have you ever noticed that even if your first impression of a new fashion trend is distaste, when enough people start wearing it, it can grow on you? I can faintly remember a time when I thought skinny jeans were the most unflattering invention…

I could feel the same appreciation coming on for these shoes. When I first saw oxfords in England last year, the word that popped up in my mind washipster.” I noticed them a few more times at home before I arrived in Madrid and saw them on madrileños every day. The street my residencia is on is known throughout Madrid for its selection of cheap shoe stores, and I was shopping for a warm winter flat when I came across this ankle-high version.

I chose comfort over fit when I bought (and continue to wear) this cozy sweater from Lefties; wearing with my skinniest AE jeggings, a scarf I got from a flea market (more on El Rastro soon) for only two euro; and, I bought the shoes. These elements seem hipster-inspired to me, but I think I’m just too far BC-prep to ever be classified as such…

One of the many "outlet" stores on C/ Augusto Figueroa, where I got my new shoes.

My roommate Jamie got this pair at the same store!


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