Fade into Darkness (Neon, Glitter, & Spandex)

How did you spend your Sunday before Thanksgiving? Maybe you were hauling ass back from South Bend, after a surprisingly close Holy War,  or maybe you were cramming for the midterm that just had to be schedule right before break.  Maybe you were about to play hookie, and head home a few days early.  Or maybe you were one of the four thousand attendees (myself included) of the sold out Avicii show, at the DCU center in Worcester Mass.

Avicii, born Tim Bergling, began remixing when he was just 19, and soon after exploded into the Dance/House/Electro music scene.  The Sweedish DJ and producer has topped charts in Europe and the US, played monsterous sets at festivals like Ultra, Tomorrow Land, and IDentity, and was recently ranked number six in DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs of 2011.

Avicii with his "Spread LOVE" signature. Hands up!

One thing I’ve realized from years of concert-going: come for the music, stay for the scene. Live music always seem to bring out the boldest, wackiest, most creative sides of people, and concert style has long claimed its own niche in the fashion world.  In middle school, when I was an avid attendee of NJ’s The Bamboozle Music Festival, the crowd was all about counter culture: mohawks, gages, converse, died hair, and the skinniest of skinny jeans. The angstier, the better.  Electro shows are a completely different scene, but fascinating none the less. Like their 90s rave predecessors, the Avicii crowd was a mass of neon, spandex, and skimpy clothing. You want to wear something you can dance in, that won’t weigh you down when you start sweating buckets in the crowd. Other than that, anything is fair game. I saw everything from DIY crop tops and tanks, splatter painted bodies, sunglasses (the venue was indoors), tutus, wings, masks, and body suits. Take a look:

Lookin' fine, thanks to my backdrop selection

Two girls I sniped a picture of in the bathroom before the show (note the lack of perspiration and still-smooth hair). Girl-on-the-right rocks a graphic crop top, spandex shorts, neon high socks and a glow stick head band, in true rave fashion, while girl-on-the-left works an edgier look with an American Apparel unitard, bandeau, and knee length skirt.

Post-show elation

Anything goes, right? Indian headdress it is. PS. hey sweat, all over your body.

tutus, glow sticks, sunglasses, neon

Elvis, Abs, Shut Up and Rage

home-cut crop tops, neon and patternz

Wish I could have captured the horse head mask, and awesome flip-up glasses, but a girl’s gotta enjoy the show too, right? I wore a Mailou multi-colored knit tank dress from LF and neon green Keds that are unfortunately no longer neon.

If you haven’t been to an electro show, I strongly suggest it.  In the meantime, feast yo ears: http://www.myspace.com/avicii.

Stay crazy!




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