A Little Wild

While doing my annual  Black Friday shopping with my Mom and Grandma, I came across so many cute faux  fur accessories, coats, and vests.  At first, I couldn’t decide what i thought about this trend.  But now I can’t stop hoping that at least one fur item finds it’s way under the Christmas tree for me this year. What’s really great is that you can find these items in many different price ranges.  I found a few examples that you might want to purchase for yourself this winter season.

This jacket won’t hide your figure…

INC Faux Fur Cropped Jacket

I like that this vest can be paired with a dress…

Forever21 Faux Fur Vest

This hat will be sure to keep you warm on B.C. campus…

Surell Faux Fur Quilted Aviator Hat

A faux fur jacket may be a bit of an intimidating fashion statement, but you can always start small with a hat or scarf.  Either way, why not get a little ferocious this winter? I know I will.



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