Holiday Inspiration from Across the Pond

Although I’m not exactly an anglophile I do admire Kate Middleton’s fashion sense. I joined in the frenzy following the royal wedding and began reading about her style and saw several looks that I absolutely loved. A couple came from the UK label Reiss, which is designed by fashion retailer David Reiss. I did some online sleuthing and found Reiss’s lookbook. In its most recent update I found what I thought was a great, casual alternative to most holiday wear — perfect for Christmas parties.

(Each piece from this look can be ordered from Reiss and shipped to the US.)

But if you are like me and prefer a more neutral look, here are some alternative pieces that are a bit more subtle but still have the same holiday flair.

Black Slimline Tux Blazer from TOPSHOP

Dolci V-neck Tee from J.Crew

J Brand Legging Pants in rose gold

Sam Edelman ‘Petty” Bootie

Have fun! xoxo Lindley


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