Two Door Cinema Club and Cults hit Boston’s House of Blues

It’s Tuesday night and I’m getting dinner at Addie’s after an intense power yoga class at the Plex when I get a text, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOMORROW NIGHT!?!” The capitalization and amount of exclamation marks immediate intrigued me and I quickly responded with, “absolutely nothing…why??” (What could be happening that would be that exciting on a Wednesday night?) The answer to my question quickly put all thoughts of homework and the gym out of my mind. One of my favorite bands was coming to The House of Blues—Cults, who were opening for Two Door Cinema Club the very next night.


Two Door Cinema Club

I quickly began to think of the most important part of the night—what was I going to wear? Winter in Boston is quickly approaching so it had to be warm enough, concert-y enough, and of course stylish. The other details like tickets, transportation, money….those could all wait.

Cults has come a long way since I first saw them in concert at a self-proclaimed saloon bar in Lawrence, Kansas.

I couldn’t believe they were playing a venue as large as The House of Blues after only two summers ago I saw them perform to a bar of 15 people. It was exciting to see how much they’ve grown as a band these last few years.

Needless to say, the night was perfect. Good music, good friends, and a good venue! I’ve definitely made good use of the Boston music scene these last few years and know there will be many more concerts to see.


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