Super Simple Steps To Rock Secret Santa This Year

The Christmas Tree has been lit, the libraries are full of frantic students prepping for exams and finishing their final papers, and Pandora stations are all set to Top Christmas Hits, hoping in vain to drown out the sounds of furious fingers typing away on Macs and heads banging against table tops in Bapst and O’Neil alike….That’s Right December is Finally Here! and so is finals season…. Either of these scenarios look familiar?

Okay, I confess the above might be a dramatization. The picture below, however, may not be far from the truth (note the lululemon leggings), when it comes to the stress of finals studying. While exams are stressful, spreading Secret Santa Holiday Cheer doesn’t have to be! My experience with Secret Santa is one of my favorite memories from last year, and not just because of the lovely gifts I received from my lovely Secret Santa, but the process of giving!

1. The More The Merrier.

The larger the group of friends that you bring together to have a Secret Santa Swap, the more difficult it will be to guess who is your Secret Santa! Here is a picture of me and my wonderful friends after the big reveal. So ask your hall-mates or beyond your immediate group of friends if they want to take part!

2. The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

You don’t have to splurge on a new Burberry Scarf for your recepient, instead give them something that they will really love to use, and often. Opt for a cute holiday mug that they can fill to the brim with the Elixir Of college Life (Coffee!!!!!!!!) , pair the merry mug with a bag of their favorite Starbucks brew or a package of Hot Chocolate.

Swiss Miss is always a sure bet, and available in the Mac and Lower Dining Halls. If you want to add some Haute Couture to your gift, you must try Vosges’ La Parisienne Haut Chocolat Couture Cocoa.

The Chocolatier has been bringing Peace, Love, and Chocolate to Chicago since 1998, and now that Vosges has hit the international scene with boutiques all over the world, and recently been made available in a Whole Foods near you, you don’t have to travel far to try some of the most exotic Drinking Chocolates, Candy Bars, and my favorite Homemade Marshmallows

and Peanut Butter Bon Bons at 4 for $13.00 or 9 for $ 27.00.

3. It’s The Little Things That Matter Most.

Instead of getting one large gift, plan a week of small tokens of your love and appreciation for that person. Whether it be a bag of their favorite candy, or a gift card to Chill accompanied by a list of your favorite memories with your friends, and promise to make many, many more. Small personal touches like these really have an impact on someone, and trust me who couldn’t use a pick me up, in chocolate or compliment  form right about now or ever?

Here are some cute, cheap, and caring ideas from

4. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

Make sure to document the Christmas Cheer and Kodak Moments. Like the lovely(<<<<<sarcasm intended) candid from our exchange ceremony. This silly picture still brings a smile to my face and is  STILL the subject of jokes and quips, even to this day!

So to end my blog post about Secret Santa, I’ll close with something that I learned on Kairos this past weekend, if you haven’t signed up, DO IT NOW!
There are no secrets in life just surprises!
Much Love, and That’s No Secret!

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