Stylings of “We Found Love” Video

I’m not usually a big Rihanna fan, but I can’t deny that her new single “We Found Love”, off of the Talk That Talk album,  is addictingly catchy. And that was before I saw the music video.

The video, with its images of drug use, gambling, reckless driving, shoplifting, and a Chris Brown look-alike for a co-star, has raised a bit of controversy since its release on November 21st. Organizations like the Rape Crisis Center and Ulster Cancer Center have verbalized their disapproval, claiming that Rihanna “sends the message that she is an object to be possessed by men” and promotes the “glamorization of smoking.”

What do you make of it?

Personally, I don’t think Rihanna is doing either of these, and frankly I commend her for stepping outside the box a bit.  My real obsession with this video though, is (obviously) the CLOTHES! Stylist Mel Ottenberg killed it, again, with edgy, 80’s inspired outfits that seem to find the perfect medium between grungy men’s wear and girly details.

obsessed with this acid-wash high wasted skirt and crop top combo, designed by James Scott


Runway vs. Rihanna Way

I neeeeeed that America vest. Immediately.

LOVE the hem on that top!

Ottenberg featured many items, like the above top, from clothing retailer Opening Ceremony (also one of his clients). Click through the picture to find Rihanna's look online!

Rasta Beanie, Varsity Jacket, and oh, hello America pants on Dudley.

Adam Selman custom made that bandana bikini. He also designed most of Rihanna's wardrobe for her Loud tour, including a Stravorski-studded bikini. Selman also happens to be Ottenberg's current beau. Click through for pictures from the tour.

And the album promo pics are equally bad ass….

Director Melina Matsoukas, a long-time collaborator with Rihanna, describes her concept behind the video as a departure from the typical club scene masquerade, seen all to frequently in music videos today:

“I didn’t want to put her in a club–because I refuse doing those videos. I’ve done them and I always feel like they’re my worst. It was just about trying to visually capture that sense of freedom. I really just wanted to do something real. Eliminate the theatrics and do something very natural and gritty.” 

Read the whole interview with Life and Times here. 

Melina Matsoukas. Obviously she's got style of her own.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing this song, repeatedly, through the Mods and off campus this weekend, seeing as it’s already ranked number two on iTunes…try to resist commandeering the laptop mid-party so you can watch the video again, like I didn’t.  Or do and give nice shout out to BC x RR for your insider scooooooooop!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!



No but really, Christmas in 16, I'm totally fine with you getting me that vest.


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