Subtle Festivity

I don’t know about you, but for me this week has been awful.  Like the typical BC student, I have spent 99.9% of my time studying, writing papers, and trying not to lose my sanity completely in the wake of finals.  Sadly, this doesn’t leave much time for holiday excitement and anticipation (sigh).  Craving a little bit of holiday cheer during your stressful studying?  Here’s a few little things that you can do to make the next few weeks a little less painful!!

2 of my roommates and I before a Christmas party!

The other day, I decided I needed a 10 minute study break, so I painted my nails.  Pretty standard, but I decided to go with a festive, shimmery gold from Jack Wills (Gold Dust Polish) instead of my usual pink.  I am literally so beyond excited about this.  The color looks amazing!  It’s glitzy and exciting, but not too flashy.  Reds, golds, and glittery polishes are huge this year, and you’re sure to look (and feel) more cheerful with them.

The Nail Polish

Gold Dust by Forever21

Caramel by Forever21

Glitzerland by OPI

Gold for Me by OPI for Sephora

Shimmering Cherry by Forever21

Shanghai Red by Chanel

Midnight Red by Chanel

Big Apple Red by OPI

Not a huge fan of red and green ensembles?  Not too excited to be wearing that beautiful sweater to class?

My sister and I modeling our MATCHING Christmas sweaters from when we were little...jealous??

No worries, there are more subtle ways to dress Christmasy, like these great stud earrings.  They’ll match anything, and add a little spark to your outfit.

The Earrings

by Claire's

by Claire's

by Forever21

by Juicy Couture

by Forever21

by Forever21

Or, you could get something that is appropriate all winter, but still (kind of) screams “Christmas”…like this flannel from Jack Wills.  I’m obsessed.  After waiting a month for  new shipment, I finally got one and could not be happier.  It’s actually probably not the healthiest obsession with a flannel shirt…oh well.

black leggings, tall boot socks, Jack Wills boyfriend flannel, off-white vest

Okay, so now you look festive, but do you feel festive?  No?  Neither did I…so my roommates and I spent an hour last week listening to Christmas music and cutting out paper snowflakes to finish decorating our room.

An amazing paper snowflakes tutorial I found while browsing Pinterest

The guidelines actually worked!!!

a few of our snowflakes

the nutcrackers are guarding the cookies...

Hello, winter wonderland in Edmond’s!  Lights, a mini tree, nutcrackers, stockings, and paper snowflakes!  Oh, and did I mention that I baked 130 Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch?  If that’s not the ideal study break, I don’t know what is.  Besides, you can’t have Christmas without cookies.

All of these were quick, easy, and amazing.  And I definitely feel better now.

Happy Festive (flannel?) Friday!

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