A Holiday Travel Guide

You all are going to hate me… but I am going home today. Somehow none of my four classes scheduled exams during finals week. So as everyone else is heading to the library to study their life away, I’m sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to board.

Not many college students are going home quite yet, but there is still that feeling of holiday travel in the air. Going home for break can be stressful, questions such as, what should I leave? What should I bring? What do I wear on the flight home? All plague the holiday traveler. But do not fret, here is a guide of what to bring, what to leave, and the best travel clothes of the season.

Do Bring Home:
1. Comfy Sweaters. Whether you’re sitting by the fire sipping hot coco or your running to Starbucks to catch up with a friend, a sweater, riding pants, and boots will keep you looking chic and warm at the same time.

Classic winter sweater from Zara

Use a long cardigan to warm up fall shirts for winter

2. Winter boots: What better way to stay stylish and warm? Pair your boots with leggings, riding pants or skinny jeans.

Classic brown boot from Amanda Cole

Heeled boot from Seychelles

3. Holiday dresses and jewelry: The holiday party season might be the best part of the break. Make sure to bring back a few cute dresses and some jewelry to wow everyone that you haven’t seen this semester. We’ve had many amazing posts on this subject. Refer to Lindley’s post for international inspiration or Caitlin’s post for the perfect accessories.

Leave at school:
1. Hair products. You’ll be temped to bring your whole bathroom with you wherever you go, but there is a high probability that your sister, or mom has whatever you need at home. Save yourself some space and some weight in your bag and leave your blow dryer at school.

2. Extra shoes. Last year I brought home way too many shoes. Though it will be a touch choice, to be the most efficient holiday traveler, bring home only the essentials. A pair (or two) of holiday heels, classic winter boots, a pair of comfortable flats, and tennis shoes will be enough to cover all your needs for the holiday.

3. Extra Coats and other bulky winter clothing. Like those hair products, extra coats only take up room in your luggage. Pick one pea coat and another (depending on the weather where you live,) which will match the majority of your clothing.

Travel Clothing:

1. Shoes: When flying home for Christmas you have to consider trekking all of you luggage to the airport and getting through security as well. Slip on shoes such as these Steve Madden Flats to get in and out of security quickly. If the weather is colder, try these easy to get on motorcycle boots from ALDO.

Steve Madden black flats

ALDO motorcycle boot

2. Clothing: How do you stay comfortable, warm and chic all at the same time? Throw on a pair of riding pants or skinny jeans for a comfortable pant that doesn’t make you look like you just rolled out of bed. For the top try a neutral sweater to stay warm and cozy on those cold plane rides.

Riding Pant from Zara

A funky take on the baseball tee from Zara

3. Accessories: Though this is hard to do, the less jewelry while flying the better. You never know what annoying little piece of metal is going to set off the detector. Keep it simple with a long necklace that you can easily take off and simple stud earrings.

Happy Holidays and have safe, chic travels!



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