A Christmas Loot Photo-Shoot (Part I)

Santa outdid himself this year, especially when it came to clothes.  My sister and I are very lucky to be almost exactly the same size, so we can share most things, so we decided to take some of the best, most statement-worthy pieces we received and a few we stole from our mother’s closet (vintage clothing heaven) and put them together for a mini photo-shoot.

Erin is wearing a cropped turtleneck sweater, leggings and booties from H&M

Erin has on a bright yellow back-buttoning cardigan from LOFT and leggings and booties from H&M

Erin’s wearing plain black jeggings, booties from H&M, and vintage Irish wool knitted sweater

Erin is sporting a blazer from H&M, plain black leggings and turtleneck, vintage Etienne Ainger riding boots (thanks, mom), and a leather and sterling silver belt from Brighton

Erin’s wearing a cropped back-buttoning blouse from H&M, bandage wrap skirt from Express, and brown combat boots

More to come, but until then have an amazing New Year’s celebration!




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