Christmas come late!

Hello everyone and welcome back! I know that everyone is probably very excited to be heading back to class, right? Kidding, I know we’re all missing our couches, our friends and, most importantly, home cooking. So yesterday instead of doing my eighty five pages of reading, I decided to take a comprehensive look at all the stores and blogs I love, and my day INSTANTLY turned around when I meandered onto the Brandy Melville website and discovered they had made a major change. ALERT THE PRESSES, YOU CAN NOW SHOP ONLINE FOR THEM!

Ladies, if you’ve gotten to this next paragraph and haven’t already googled the brand and started shopping, you’re missing out. I don’t use caps lock casually. I discovered Brandy Melville one day when my friend and I were shopping in Soho in New York City. It was pouring rain and we didn’t have umbrellas, so when we got out of the subway on Spring Street we ducked into the first store we saw; and so an obsession was born.

There are so many amazing features to both the clothing Brandy Melville sells and the stores themselves. Now there are no Brandy Melville locations in Boston ( I really hope this changes), but if you have a hankering to visit a store (and I suggest you do), there are locations in California, which is a bit far, or you can visit my hometown and go to the locations on Spring Street in New York or their newer store on Broadway, also in Soho. Not  only do the stores stock all their fabulous clothing, they also have art, cool signs and home accessories for sale.

Now onto the most important part: the clothes!!! First of all, I’ll say this: you will be hard-pressed to find softer tee shirts. I’m not joking, they are my favorite tees because of how absurdly comfortable they are, and I have quite a collection of them (8 to be exact, and now that I have the ability to buy them online, I have a feeling that that number is about to skyrocket). You can get plain tanks and tees or ones with designs on them, cropped or regular length. Almost everything is “One Size Fits All” and I find that to be pretty accurate; my friends and I are all different sizes but we always trade items in the dressing rooms of the store and find that one item will fit us all, though sometimes in a different way. And one of my personal favorite parts of the brand? Everything is SO reasonably priced. You can buy a great cropped tank from there to go out in for fourteen dollars. Let me repeat that: fourteen dollars. I’ve never bought something in the store for more than thirty five dollars (though their sweaters, which are super cozy, tend to be a little bit more). You can find everything there: bags, jewelry, tees, sweaters, skirts, jeans, shorts. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces from their online selection (I should mention that I already have about half of these items).

*All images via the Brandy Melville website

Obsessed yet? Happy Shopping!



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