Good Eats: The Fireplace

In an effort to break out of the BC bubble, and the monotony of dining hall meals, BC x RR brings you Good Eats, a series on our wining, dining, fashion, and aesthetic experiences at various local Boston restaurants and bars.  

The Fireplace: 1634 Beacon Street, Brookline 

Sneak Peak: New England Grill and Bar; $$$; Casual-Chic; Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Dessert and Full Bar

The Fireplace is hands down my favorite restaurant in the BC neighborhood.  Located down Beacon street in Washington Square, The Fireplace is easy to get to by T or cab, and the “New England Grill” whips out incredible food.  Executive chef and owner Jim Solomon creates hearty, yet refined dishes that utilize super fresh, local ingredients.  The menu changes continuously, reflecting the seasonal specialties, and I’ve yet to be anything less than thrilled with my meal in the three times I’ve been.  It’s a little on the pricy side for a college student, but a definite winner for a meal with your parents or family.

As a vegetarian, I can only speak on behalf of the meat-free options, but I would highly recommend the Winter Squash Tart (“winter squash with caramelized leeks, sweet roasted garlic, buzzard’s bay ‘Great Hill Blue’ cheese, baby arugula & crunchy walnuts” for $12) as an appetizer, and the Baked Fresh Pasta (“layered with tomato sauce & béchamel, roasted fennel,sautéed spinach, three cheeses and toasted garlic chips” $25) for your main course.  The tart is a perfect combination of hearty winter veggies, flaky crust, and warm, salty cheese, all topped with a crisp salad and crunchy sweet leeks. The pasta dish is essentially a homemade lasagna, with freshly baked lasagne noodles and amazing sauces.  And now that I’m browsing the menu, I think I most definitely need to head over and try the Sweet Potato Stew (“with sautéed apples, caramelized leeks, chickpeas,
feta-parsley dumplings & fresh green onions” ….NOM) As for the non-veg dishes, my carnivorous friends rave about the The Fireplace Signature Spit-Roasted, Maple-Glazed 
Half Chicken with “mashed potatoes and sage brown butter” ($26).  The desserts are also top notch, especially the Apple Doughnuts  which are served warm and come with a trio of dipping sauceschocolate, caramel and “sticky cider.”

The decor of The Fireplace aptly matches the style of food–cozy and intimate with just the right aesthetic and attention to detail to feel genuine, not frilly. The first floor features, you guessed it, a central fireplace and large, comfy booths, while the second level hosts an open kitchen to see the master in action.  The Fireplace also has bi-weekly live music from 9:30 to midnight–Jazz Wednesdays and Latin Thursdays.  Unfortunately I haven’t been on either of these nights, but who wouldn’t want to eat delicious food with the warmth of the fire and some smoooooth jazz?

Downstairs Bar Area

Upstairs, open kitchen

I also really appreciate The Fireplace’s emphasis on locality.  Aside from their effort to use local ingredients (fresher and more eco-friendly, such a win-win), The Fireplace hosts various fundraising events to support local charities. Feed Brookline (Jan 30th), for example, will raise money for the Brookline Food Pantry, and the Super Hunger Brunch (Saturday Jan. 28th) supports the Greater Boston Food Bank with a two-course brunch for $25 per person.  If you’re a brunch person (who isn’t?), it’s an easy and affordable way to support a great cause–and, as usual, the menu looks delicious.


How hungry are you right now?





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