Get Down like Dora and her Backpack

I love bags. I really do, they’re such an amazing accessory. There are so many different types, sizes, materials and brands. They never hurt your feet or make you feel uncomfortable (sometimes the pants get tight after a trip to an amazing restaurant or White Mountain, there’s no judgement here). But since I’ve been at school I’ve encountered a dilemma. I carry a backpack every day to class, and I’m definitely not coordinated enough to handle a pocketbook and a backpack. I have six bags here at school with me, each a different color and size, and every day I pass by them in an effort to get at my mountainous sweater collection and they look mournfully at me, begging to be used. But what’s a girl to do, right? I love buying bags, and I see new ones all the time that I want, but the ones I do have go unused most of the time while I’m up at school anyway. But today I stumbled upon ¬†Herschel Supply Co., and a whole new realm of possibilities has been opened up for me. BACKPACKS. I have to carry one anyway, so why not have multiple cute ones…..right?

*All Images via Herschel Supply Co. website

Even the lookbook is unreal! If anyone wants to find whatever little slice of paradise they used for the shoot and go there with me, let me know because it looks beautiful. I’d love to go traipsing around the hills and beaches in the beautiful dresses and sweaters they’ve chosen, and the bags look great on guys too. There are so many options for colors and sizes that I’m definitely going to have a hard time choosing, and I can’t wait to go adventuring with my new backpack!!



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