Spice Up Your Braid

Each morning I try not to walk out of my room with my hair simply down or in a ponytail… but it probably happens 75% of the time anyways. We college students have stuff to do! In an effort to combat my hair laziness, I have been collecting quick and easy ideas to spice up a typical side-braid or front-section-pinned-back.

See if you can try each of the three braids in this tutorial video, and not walk out of the room/house today with the same hairstyle you wear everyday. I know I’ll be rocking one of these today.

The fishtail works great with long hair, and with some mousse or hairspray can help tame rowdy layers that like to poke out of normal braids. Try this one down your back, across one shoulder, as pigtails, or do it to your ponytail to hide a bad hair day.

Second is the snake braid. This one has been getting popular on youtube hair tutorials lately, and I really like it as a way to pump up the old Lauren Conrad braid (to pin back the front section of your hair). You could also secure this with a clear elastic and let it hang straight down to add some fun to a great hair day (aka wearing it down).

Finally I go over the waterfall braid. I love doing this to curly (or curled) hair, because it adds an extra short layer to hair. By starting with a large chunk of hair you could continue this one around to the opposite shoulder! It may take a little practice, so have a mirror handy.


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