Nobody breaks her heart

Effy Stonem is the queen of cool. With her heavy black eyeliner, incredible wardrobe, and bold attitude, she couldn’t be more awesome. Now, who is Effy Stonem? Nope, she’s not a model or a designer; she’s not even a real person. Effy is one of the main characters on “Skins” the British T.V. show (MTV tried to replicate it here, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original, in my opinion). She is mostly in seasons three and four of Skins, although she does make some appearances when her brother Tony is the star in seasons one and two. Even in the show everyone wanted to be her, and every guy in school was in love with her.

Effy Stonem

And yes, while there were definitely reasons not to want to be Effy (I’m not going to give away any spoilers), her style is undeniable; if I could roll out of bed every morning and look like her, I’d be a happy woman. However, her clothes tend toward the revealing, and that’s not exactly ideal for Boston weather. But to capture the look, I’d suggest working in fishnets or other cool tights, beat up tee shirts, ripped jeans, and always go for shades of gray, black and white. Stack on the bracelets and necklaces, and don’t skimp on the eyeliner.

Topshop "MOTO Acid Sleeveless Jacket"

Brandy Melville "Kate" Tank

Madewell "Denim Midi Shorts" in Lasso Wash

Topshop "Fleetwood Mac" Tank

Topshop "Leigh" jean in black

Nasty Gal "Domi" Asymmetric Dress

Nasty Gal "Carbon" Leather Jacket

"Brave Crochet" Boot

White Keds "Champion" sneakers

"Prague" Combat Boot

And, of course, no Effy Stonem look would be complete without her signature dark makeup. If you are in the market for a new rockstar eyeshadow palette, I recommend this one from Urban Decay:

Urban Decay "Black Palette"

I have it myself and it’s absolutely amazing. It comes with six great shades, plus their eyeshadow primer which is really effective and their black eyeliner which smudges very well. If you want an even more smudged eyeliner look, I recommend sharpening up the pencil, melting it for about 5 seconds over a small flame, like a candle, match or lighter, letting it cool for a second or two and then smudging it on (but only use this at night and sparingly, or else you might look like a clown).

And perhaps you want some new music to go along with trying out Effy’s rocking look? Luckily, I’m happy to oblige. Here’s some music I think fits in pretty perfectly:

Well, happy experimenting!!! And if you’re bored or have time to spare (because why wouldn’t you, right?) I HIGHLY recommend watching Skins. I love the first four seasons, but my girl Effy is only a main part in seasons three and four. You don’t have to watch seasons one and two because the cast switches over every two seasons, so season three starts with an entirely new cast. Be prepared to get obsessed though….



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