Rusted Revolution is under construction!

Pardon the dust — Rusted Revolution and satellite blog BCxRR are under major construction.

BCxRR will be moving over to its new home at, which it will share with its parent blog, Rusted Revolution. This means all the same great content will be under one roof!

New postings will be put on hiatus for the next couple of days while the site redesign happens. Until then, you can follow Rusted Revolution and BCxRR on their respective Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Stay tuned for great things ahead! We will announce when Rusted Revolution and BCxRR are back in business.

If you have any comments or questions, you can contact us at in the meantime.

Thanks for your patience, we are so lucky to have you all as readers 🙂

-Lesley & Lucy, Rusted Revolution Co-Founders

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About Lesley

Co-founder of Rusted Revolution. Multimedia Assistant at the Chicago History Museum, and Sales Advisor at Topshop Chicago. Born and raised in Chicago, received a BA in English with minors in French and History at Boston College. Work experience combines online and print publishing, social media, and fashion. Previously a Fashion Consultant at A’Gaci, a Fashion Intern and Contributing Writer at Venus Zine and Shoptopia, and a Partner and Contributing Blogger at Her Campus BC.

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