Nobody breaks her heart

Effy Stonem is the queen of cool. With her heavy black eyeliner, incredible wardrobe, and bold attitude, she couldn’t be more awesome. Now, who is Effy Stonem? Nope, she’s not a model or a designer; she’s not even a real person. Effy is one of the main characters on “Skins” the British T.V. show (MTV tried to replicate it here, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original, in my opinion). She is mostly in seasons three and four of Skins, although she does make some appearances when her brother Tony is the star in seasons one and two. Even in the show everyone wanted to be her, and every guy in school was in love with her.

Effy Stonem

And yes, while there were definitely reasons not to want to be Effy (I’m not going to give away any spoilers), her style is undeniable; if I could roll out of bed every morning and look like her, I’d be a happy woman. However, her clothes tend toward the revealing, and that’s not exactly ideal for Boston weather. But to capture the look, I’d suggest working in fishnets or other cool tights, beat up tee shirts, ripped jeans, and always go for shades of gray, black and white. Stack on the bracelets and necklaces, and don’t skimp on the eyeliner.

Topshop "MOTO Acid Sleeveless Jacket"

Brandy Melville "Kate" Tank

Madewell "Denim Midi Shorts" in Lasso Wash

Topshop "Fleetwood Mac" Tank

Topshop "Leigh" jean in black

Nasty Gal "Domi" Asymmetric Dress

Nasty Gal "Carbon" Leather Jacket

"Brave Crochet" Boot

White Keds "Champion" sneakers

"Prague" Combat Boot

And, of course, no Effy Stonem look would be complete without her signature dark makeup. If you are in the market for a new rockstar eyeshadow palette, I recommend this one from Urban Decay:

Urban Decay "Black Palette"

I have it myself and it’s absolutely amazing. It comes with six great shades, plus their eyeshadow primer which is really effective and their black eyeliner which smudges very well. If you want an even more smudged eyeliner look, I recommend sharpening up the pencil, melting it for about 5 seconds over a small flame, like a candle, match or lighter, letting it cool for a second or two and then smudging it on (but only use this at night and sparingly, or else you might look like a clown).

And perhaps you want some new music to go along with trying out Effy’s rocking look? Luckily, I’m happy to oblige. Here’s some music I think fits in pretty perfectly:

Well, happy experimenting!!! And if you’re bored or have time to spare (because why wouldn’t you, right?) I HIGHLY recommend watching Skins. I love the first four seasons, but my girl Effy is only a main part in seasons three and four. You don’t have to watch seasons one and two because the cast switches over every two seasons, so season three starts with an entirely new cast. Be prepared to get obsessed though….



Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Collars and I have a complex relationship. We didn’t exactly have a singular falling out, it was more just a series of oppressions over the course of thirteen years, during which, under my various school uniforms, I was forced to don a shirt with a collar five days a week. When I graduated from high school, I gave away all of my polos and button downs and vowed that in college I would never wear another collared shirt unless forced. Well, I’m forced to recant my bold statement, because, against my will, I’ve fallen in love. I’ve resisted with all my heart, but the insidious pull of the Peter Pan collar has drawn me in and it’s not letting me go. It’s girlie and retro, and great as an accessory, as a layering piece, or beautiful just on its own. Look at these pictures and I dare you not to drool.

Nasty Gal "Mary Kate Floral"

Whistles' Chambray Shirt

ASOS Cotton Lace Blouse With Double Collar

Boutique By Jaeger Star Print Blouse

Free People "Peter Pan Lace Top"

Free People "Peter Pan Babydoll Top"

Free People "Peter Pan Drapey Jersey Top"

Zara "Dress with Strass Collar"

Zara "Blouse with Applique and Lace"

If you like the idea of a Peter Pan collar but hate buttoning up, check out this DIY from A Pair and a Spare It seems pretty simple if you have the right equipment  and would look great over a plain crewneck shirt or dress.

Well, happy shopping!


Get Down like Dora and her Backpack

I love bags. I really do, they’re such an amazing accessory. There are so many different types, sizes, materials and brands. They never hurt your feet or make you feel uncomfortable (sometimes the pants get tight after a trip to an amazing restaurant or White Mountain, there’s no judgement here). But since I’ve been at school I’ve encountered a dilemma. I carry a backpack every day to class, and I’m definitely not coordinated enough to handle a pocketbook and a backpack. I have six bags here at school with me, each a different color and size, and every day I pass by them in an effort to get at my mountainous sweater collection and they look mournfully at me, begging to be used. But what’s a girl to do, right? I love buying bags, and I see new ones all the time that I want, but the ones I do have go unused most of the time while I’m up at school anyway. But today I stumbled upon  Herschel Supply Co., and a whole new realm of possibilities has been opened up for me. BACKPACKS. I have to carry one anyway, so why not have multiple cute ones…..right?

*All Images via Herschel Supply Co. website

Even the lookbook is unreal! If anyone wants to find whatever little slice of paradise they used for the shoot and go there with me, let me know because it looks beautiful. I’d love to go traipsing around the hills and beaches in the beautiful dresses and sweaters they’ve chosen, and the bags look great on guys too. There are so many options for colors and sizes that I’m definitely going to have a hard time choosing, and I can’t wait to go adventuring with my new backpack!!


Christmas come late!

Hello everyone and welcome back! I know that everyone is probably very excited to be heading back to class, right? Kidding, I know we’re all missing our couches, our friends and, most importantly, home cooking. So yesterday instead of doing my eighty five pages of reading, I decided to take a comprehensive look at all the stores and blogs I love, and my day INSTANTLY turned around when I meandered onto the Brandy Melville website and discovered they had made a major change. ALERT THE PRESSES, YOU CAN NOW SHOP ONLINE FOR THEM!

Ladies, if you’ve gotten to this next paragraph and haven’t already googled the brand and started shopping, you’re missing out. I don’t use caps lock casually. I discovered Brandy Melville one day when my friend and I were shopping in Soho in New York City. It was pouring rain and we didn’t have umbrellas, so when we got out of the subway on Spring Street we ducked into the first store we saw; and so an obsession was born.

There are so many amazing features to both the clothing Brandy Melville sells and the stores themselves. Now there are no Brandy Melville locations in Boston ( I really hope this changes), but if you have a hankering to visit a store (and I suggest you do), there are locations in California, which is a bit far, or you can visit my hometown and go to the locations on Spring Street in New York or their newer store on Broadway, also in Soho. Not  only do the stores stock all their fabulous clothing, they also have art, cool signs and home accessories for sale.

Now onto the most important part: the clothes!!! First of all, I’ll say this: you will be hard-pressed to find softer tee shirts. I’m not joking, they are my favorite tees because of how absurdly comfortable they are, and I have quite a collection of them (8 to be exact, and now that I have the ability to buy them online, I have a feeling that that number is about to skyrocket). You can get plain tanks and tees or ones with designs on them, cropped or regular length. Almost everything is “One Size Fits All” and I find that to be pretty accurate; my friends and I are all different sizes but we always trade items in the dressing rooms of the store and find that one item will fit us all, though sometimes in a different way. And one of my personal favorite parts of the brand? Everything is SO reasonably priced. You can buy a great cropped tank from there to go out in for fourteen dollars. Let me repeat that: fourteen dollars. I’ve never bought something in the store for more than thirty five dollars (though their sweaters, which are super cozy, tend to be a little bit more). You can find everything there: bags, jewelry, tees, sweaters, skirts, jeans, shorts. Here’s a look at some of my favorite pieces from their online selection (I should mention that I already have about half of these items).

*All images via the Brandy Melville website

Obsessed yet? Happy Shopping!


The 90s Revived

I’ll be the first to say that, for the most part, I love the years in which I was born. Who could complain about never having to live without the wonders of television, food delivery, and cell phones? But I’ll admit that there are times when I wish I could have been born earlier so that I could’ve enjoyed the 90s more. While I was busy rocking my floral-dress-upon-floral-leggings ensembles (oh trust me, I did), I do look back sometimes and wish I’d been able to better appreciate some of the amazing pop culture of the 90s: the beginnings of bands I love like Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul, Savage Garden, Beck (and yes, I’ll admit to loving Hanson and some early Britney Spears), the heyday of Kate Moss, some of Will Ferrell’s prime years on Saturday Night Live. I also wish I’d gotten to partake in some of the amazing fashion that was going on at the time (especially when I watch Clueless)

Kate Moss 1993 for Calvin Klein

"Clueless", 1995

Gwen Stefani with her band "No Doubt"

And for some 90s tunes, who could resist Oasis:

Thankfully for those of us (including me) who are trying to relive the fashions of our youth, Free People’s new December Lookbooks is all about looking back to the 90s for style inspiration, with faded jeans tucked into combat boots, beanies, faded thermals and overalls. While I don’t see any of my super-stylish light-up Sketcher velcro kicks (what ever happened to those?), I can’t wait to try out some of the pieces they’ve chosen!

(all images via the Free People website)

Have a safe and relaxing break everyone!


You’re all whacked out from lack of sleep

I’m pretty sure that the title of the post echoes the general feel on campus these days: libraries are packed, the coffee machines are low, and I’m seeing people trek to libraries that I’ve never seen doing work in their lives (you know who you are guys). Finals season, in all its glory, is upon us. I’m one of those people who has to have music while I’m studying or else my thoughts easily meander off into the territory of, “I wonder if anything good is being served for dinner tonight?”, or “I just wrote four solid sentences, so I definitely deserve to take a break and check out Free People’s new catalogue” (which is out by the way, just in time for Christmas!!). So here I am, trying to focus on the piles of frightening reading I have to do and the terrifying papers I have to write, thinking about what soundtrack would be appropriate, when my iTunes gave me a gem. After skipping through about twelve songs on shuffle, it finally came to play a song by The Vaccines. I started listening to The Vaccines this summer, and I instantly fell in love.

I was absolutely addicted to the songs off their debut album “What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?” from the moment I heard the first catchy lines of “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra). Their songs are absurdly catchy, and perfect for my studying during finals time because of the upbeat tempo, great lyrics and strong drums and guitars. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out the perfect soundtrack to your finals studying, I’d highly recommend them Below is the AMAZING video to my favorite song by them, “Wetsuit”. The lyrics are captivating, and the video reminds me of a happier time (i.e. summer) when some of my biggest dilemmas were deciding which concerts I wanted to go to (also, I wish I could have been at any of these shows, everyone looks like he or she is having an absolute blast). Eighteen days until Christmas guys…..

Maison Scotch

From the second I saw the Autumn/Winter 2012 women’s collection from Scotch and Soda, I was in LOVE. I want everything, from the cream chunky cable-knit cardigan, the elbow patches mixed with plaid shirts, and who could ignore those suspenders?! (I’ll admit, I love a good pair of suspenders, but I’m often at a loss as to how to work them into my daily wardrobe). My favorite part about the collection though, is how easy the style seems to achieve, and how practical the clothing is to wear in Boston, even during the winter. I can definitely imagine myself trying to replicate the looks with skinny cords, soft plaid shirts, chunky sweaters and great boots. Even the shoot itself is gorgeous; the set is simple, and the light seems to replicate the soft light we so often see in the winter, which provides a great atmosphere for the clothing. Here are some of my favorite shots from both the lookbook and the campaign. I hope they’ll inspire you on those dreary fall days where it seems so difficult to pick something that’s both warm and stylish at the same time.

 I can’t get over how beautiful everything is, I just want to get one of those cozy sweaters and never take it off.


*Images from Maison Scotch Website