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Degas and the Nude

During our first meeting of the new semester, the BCxRR girls were brainstorming ideas that could help bring more of Boston to the BC campus. One idea that came to the table was an arts and culture feature, something that could include visits to museums, plays, performances – anything that would be an atypical activity for a typical college student. In the spirit of bringing more “culture” to BC, Christine and I mentioned we were planning on visiting the Degas exhibit at the MFA for an art history class and perhaps we could write a review of the exhibit. Then, one of the girls thought it would be a cool idea to maybe put a little bit of a RR twist on a review, and give examples of painting-inspired outfits. I though this was a brilliant idea, but Christine pointed a slight problem: it might be a little hard to come up with fashion ideas from an exhibit centered around nude painting. However, after seeing the exhibit I decided that I could do a little bit of both – write a review and give some art-inspired fashion advise.

I thought that the exhibit was absolutely fascinating. The sheer number of paints, sketches and sculptures alone was incredible. The exhibit also included other works from artists, such as “The Death of Sardanapulus” by Eugene Delacroix and Auguste Rodin’s sculpture entitled “Danaid.” The way Degas plays with light and color in his paintings such as “Young Spartans exercising and “Nudes Bathing” is truly remarkable and his sketches of his study in brothels is very compelling. The variety subject matter Degas examines is interesting and thought-provoking, and the color palate he utilizes is very fresh and energetic.

My favorite piece, the “Spartans,” also gave me an idea for great spring outfit, I think this would be perfect to pack for a trip to someplace warm.  (I know it might be a little early to start thinking about spring break, but the weather has been very deceiving recently and I thought I would indulge myself.)

Degas, Young Spartans Exercising, 1860

I really loved the greens in the foreground of this painting along with the splash of light blue in the female spartan’s skirt. I found a maxi dress to pair with nude pumps, which I think reflect the color scheme perfectly.

Rachel Pally Talamdge Dress

Sam Edelman Platform Sandals

I would encourage anybody and everybody to visit this exhibit. Student admission to both the museum and exhibit are free. Unfortunately, the exhibit closes at the end of this week. So, hurry up! Hop on the green line and get to the MFA!

You can find out more about the exhibit here: http://www.mfa.org/exhibitions/degas-and-nude

XO Lindley


Walk of Shame Ad: Offensive?

Tis the season for advertising.

We’ve all seen those tv spots that have little to do with the product and more to do with people. Well, designer Harvey Nichols has taken this type of advertising in a somewhat different direction. Harvey Nichol’s 2011 Christmas ad spotlights a series of young women making the early morning trek from where ever they’ve spent the night to their home, more commonly known as the “walk of shame.”

The ad seems to try and take a somewhat playful angle on something that has happened to almost every girl, but not everyone finds this exactly humorous. Some seem to be torn on what can be taken from the ad. A fashion commentator for the Guardian asks is the ad making the claim “if you’re a size 14 and wear [spandex] and travel by [subway] then staying out partying is common and vulgar, but so long as you are skinny and expensively dressed […] it’s quite chic?” Still others take something else away. Lilit Marcus, a writer for Racket, says that the final message of the ad is to “own your awesomeness and turn the walk of shame into a ‘stride of pride’.”

So, is this ad funny, offensive or something completely different, even empowering?


Holiday Inspiration from Across the Pond

Although I’m not exactly an anglophile I do admire Kate Middleton’s fashion sense. I joined in the frenzy following the royal wedding and began reading about her style and saw several looks that I absolutely loved. A couple came from the UK label Reiss, which is designed by fashion retailer David Reiss. I did some online sleuthing and found Reiss’s lookbook. In its most recent update I found what I thought was a great, casual alternative to most holiday wear — perfect for Christmas parties.

(Each piece from this look can be ordered from Reiss and shipped to the US.)

But if you are like me and prefer a more neutral look, here are some alternative pieces that are a bit more subtle but still have the same holiday flair.

Black Slimline Tux Blazer from TOPSHOP

Dolci V-neck Tee from J.Crew

J Brand Legging Pants in rose gold

Sam Edelman ‘Petty” Bootie

Have fun! xoxo Lindley

Countdown to Christmas

Hopefully by now you have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and are gearing up for the upcoming winter break. But just because Christmas is around the corner doesn’t mean you have to participate in the Black Friday madness. Just tone down the shopping, turn up the bling and try the new winter collections from Essie and OPI. I cannot wait to try “cocktail bling” and “bobbing for baubles” from Essie and “Rainbow Connection” from OPI. Have fun!

– Lindley

Essie Winter Collection 2011