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Bonnaroo 2012

Bonnaroo tickets went on sale this Saturday (the second attempt, after hundreds of eager fans crashed the website on February 18th), and while I haven’t purchased mine–yet–I’ve been obsessively stalking the ‘Roo website, photos, and spotify playlist for weeks. ¬†Check out the 2012 line up:

Absolutely ecstatic about Bon Iver, The Shins, Foster the People, Dispatch, Grouplove, The Kooks, Phantogram, Flying Lotus, Das Racist, and of course the Beach Boys!!! Word on the street is they’ll probably be throwing in another headliner and several other performers in the weeks to come.

I’m still working on convincing my friends to get on board for the ticket fare (can’t put a price on experience!) and 16 hour road trip to Nashville… But in the meantime, here are some pics from the 2011 festy, how can you say no?

oh, you thought your carnival days were over?

campsites from above. 'Roo City ya'll

the only way to road trip. anyone got one of these babies to lend me?

yes please.

Bonnaroo Icons: cukoo clock tower and ferris wheel

Cool nights by the fountain

Loove to see the eco-concious side of festival life. Bonnaroo received the "Greener Festival" award for the fifth consecutive year in 2011

By day...

And by night

Awesome sculpture. Part of Bonnaroo's effort to support and cultivate a community of artists. Click through for the 2012 Arts and Entertainment events

Bonnaroo hosts various other activities and performances each year, like the above break dancing act and their annual comedy series (to be announced). Can't argue with those abs now can ya?

People Watch:

Style Inspiration: Printed crop tops, loose, flowy skirts, tie-dye vests, hat & shades

Style Inspiration: beating the Manny heat with cut offs, shades and tanks

Style Inspiration. Or like, would that make me look fat?

Dumbledore and Lady Liberty. Ah, America.

Wouldn't be a festival without body paint and glitter

These guys have swag

Winners of the 2011 Beard Contest?! Sure!

The Flavor Savers. You know it'll be a good show when the band comes out dressed like that.

Who’s ready to go!? I’ll leave you with some of my favorites from the line up. ¬†Just sit back, close your eyes, and imagine that warm Tennessee sun…

See you there!!!!



All photos courtesy of

PS. Did I mention the annual Bonnaroo Merch Design Contest?¬†Might have to add that to the DYI list…

Nobody breaks her heart

Effy Stonem is the queen of cool. With her heavy black eyeliner, incredible wardrobe, and bold attitude, she couldn’t be more awesome. Now, who is Effy Stonem? Nope, she’s not a model or a designer; she’s not even a real person. Effy is one of the main characters on “Skins” the British T.V. show (MTV tried to replicate it here, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original, in my opinion). She is mostly in seasons three and four of Skins, although she does make some appearances when her brother Tony is the star in seasons one and two. Even in the show everyone wanted to be her, and every guy in school was in love with her.

Effy Stonem

And yes, while there were definitely reasons not to want to be Effy (I’m not going to give away any spoilers), her style is undeniable; if I could roll out of bed every morning and look like her, I’d be a happy woman. However, her clothes tend toward the revealing, and that’s not exactly ideal for Boston weather. But to capture the look, I’d suggest working in fishnets or other cool tights, beat up tee shirts, ripped jeans, and always go for shades of gray, black and white. Stack on the bracelets and necklaces, and don’t skimp on the eyeliner.

Topshop "MOTO Acid Sleeveless Jacket"

Brandy Melville "Kate" Tank

Madewell "Denim Midi Shorts" in Lasso Wash

Topshop "Fleetwood Mac" Tank

Topshop "Leigh" jean in black

Nasty Gal "Domi" Asymmetric Dress

Nasty Gal "Carbon" Leather Jacket

"Brave Crochet" Boot

White Keds "Champion" sneakers

"Prague" Combat Boot

And, of course, no Effy Stonem look would be complete without her signature dark makeup. If you are in the market for a new rockstar eyeshadow palette, I recommend this one from Urban Decay:

Urban Decay "Black Palette"

I have it myself and it’s absolutely amazing. It comes with six great shades, plus their eyeshadow primer which is really effective and their black eyeliner which smudges very well. If you want an even more smudged eyeliner look, I recommend sharpening up the pencil, melting it for about 5 seconds over a small flame, like a candle, match or lighter, letting it cool for a second or two and then smudging it on (but only use this at night and sparingly, or else you might look like a clown).

And perhaps you want some new music to go along with trying out Effy’s rocking look? Luckily, I’m happy to oblige. Here’s some music I think fits in pretty perfectly:

Well, happy experimenting!!! And if you’re bored or have time to spare (because why wouldn’t you, right?) I HIGHLY recommend watching Skins. I love the first four seasons, but my girl Effy is only a main part in seasons three and four. You don’t have to watch seasons one and two because the cast switches over every two seasons, so season three starts with an entirely new cast. Be prepared to get obsessed though….


We make love with words. I mean to words. Either way, this wasn’t what I meant to say…


We make love with words. I mean to words. Either way, this wasn’t what I meant to say.

First World Problems

"There are two ways through life..."

"You are loved"

"Life is good"

"You're procrastinating..."

"In love, the highs are higher, but the lows are lower and more frequent"

"The glass is actually twice as big as it needs to be."


Next time you’re in the library, a classroom, or even a bathroom stall, notice some of the things people write and reflect on them…many are truly beautiful.



We don’t just drool over fashion…

This week, I decided to be adventurous. ¬†I decided that I was going to branch out and get more creative in every aspect of my life, from my own personal style to the way I organize my closet. ¬†One of the ways this manifested itself is through my grocery shopping and cooking experiments. ¬†I’m determined to be able to cook, bake, etc. by sight and with feeling, so this is the first of many (hopefully successful) attempts.

I started out small this week with my own take on a classic recipe: puppy chow. ¬†If you haven’t tried this yet, you need to. ¬†If you have, there is no doubt in my mind that you’re probably craving it as you read this. ¬†No worries. ¬†This quick and easy recipe is perfect for dorm life and yields a ridiculous amount of¬†delectably¬†sweet, crunchy deliciousness to munch and share.

What you need:

9 cups Chex Rice Cereal

1 cup chocolate chips (semi-sweet are best)

¬Ĺ cup peanut butter

¬ľ cup butter

¬ľ teaspoon vanilla (optional)

powdered sugar

What you do:

Melt the butter, peanut butter, and chocolate chips over medium heat in a saucepan.¬† Mix them until they become a sauce.¬† Remove from heat and stir in vanilla (optional‚ÄĒI completely forgot it and it still tastes amazing).¬† Put Chex into a large bowl and pour the mixture over it.¬† Stir gently until it is covered evenly.¬† Put into a large Ziploc bag with powdered sugar, seal, and shake well to coat completely.¬† Add sugar as needed, and allow to cool.¬† Eat.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy!



Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Collars and I have a complex relationship. We didn’t exactly have a singular falling out, it was more just a series of oppressions over the course of thirteen years, during which, under my various school uniforms, I was forced to don a shirt with a collar five days a week. When I graduated from high school, I gave away all of my polos and button downs and vowed that in college I would never wear another collared shirt unless forced. Well, I’m forced to recant my bold statement, because, against my will, I’ve fallen in love. I’ve resisted with all my heart, but the insidious pull of the Peter Pan collar has drawn me in and it’s not letting me go. It’s girlie and retro, and great as an accessory, as a layering piece, or beautiful just on its own. Look at these pictures and I dare you not to drool.

Nasty Gal "Mary Kate Floral"

Whistles' Chambray Shirt

ASOS Cotton Lace Blouse With Double Collar

Boutique By Jaeger Star Print Blouse

Free People "Peter Pan Lace Top"

Free People "Peter Pan Babydoll Top"

Free People "Peter Pan Drapey Jersey Top"

Zara "Dress with Strass Collar"

Zara "Blouse with Applique and Lace"

If you like the idea of a Peter Pan collar but hate buttoning up, check out this DIY from A Pair and a Spare It seems pretty simple if you have the right equipment  and would look great over a plain crewneck shirt or dress.

Well, happy shopping!